We are honored to invite you as our special guest to the Annual Memorial John F. Kennedy Dinner, Saturday November 22nd 2014.

This special dinner is all about the life of one of the greatest inspirators in history: John F. Kennedy!

Exactly 51 years ago, he was tragically murdered. Together we would like to celebrate his life and his spirit, which continue to inspire us to this day !

Your attendance with your partner will be highly appreciated at Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin Noordwijk aan Zee, The Netherlands.

Memorial John F. Kennedy Dinner, on Saturday November 22nd




The dinner is committed to the Only Friends Ronald McDonald Centre in Amsterdam.

It is entirely in line with the values ​​of JFK: to  continue despite a body that is sometimes uncooperative, to play sports, to rise to the challenge and, as a team, to achieve success!

"Your contribution would make the independent survival of this wonderful sport center for children possible!"
Kim Lammers, CEO Only Friends, former hockey international

About 1500 disabled children play sports at the Ronald McDonald Center in Amsterdam each week. They are guided by more than 200 volunteers.


Former USA correspondent Charles Groenhuijsen will be your host this evening. Dresscode: Black Tie.

 17.00    Welcome

18.00   Kim Lammers, former hockey international, winner gold medal at Olympic Games London, world champion

18.15   See what you can do for your country!

19.00   First course

19.30   James Kennedy: Ich bin ein Berliner!

20.30   Main course (Happy Birthday Mr. President)

21.15   Bas Lansdorp, ceo Mars One, We put a man on Mars and bring him back

22.00   Walking dessert

23.00   Saying goodbye